Nov 18, 2010

End of Days: Just thinking

My AdSense was shut down... so now i'm thinking about deleting my account or find another advertiser. You tell me .. in my comments. Meanwhile some music.


  1. sent u a private message (email)

  2. For wicked Cleon and his wife, when fame Following!

  3. I know what you mean. AdSense banned me too for a reason that could have been prevented if they didn't have SUCH SHITTY SUPPORT.

    Do what I'm doing. I'm using Adbrite and Chitika which are tenfolds better than AdSense. They may pay less but you'll actually get the money.

  4. That is very unfortunate. Adsense isn't the only place. Right now I have shifted more towards bidvertiser and adding Adbrite as we speak. Its not over yet just because google said no.