Nov 18, 2010

End of Days: Just thinking

My AdSense was shut down... so now i'm thinking about deleting my account or find another advertiser. You tell me .. in my comments. Meanwhile some music.

Nov 16, 2010

Stuff: Wallpaper #5

Games: LA Noire has a 2.000 pages script

Following the release of LA Noire’s first proper trailer (here), a full-sized Game Informer preview’s revealed that the Team Bondi thriller has a 2,000-page script, and that the developer has formulated a process of simply filming actors and gaining an instant 3D model, instead of using the traditional facial capture method of bone-marking.

The switch to working in this way has given need for the studio to create a 200-terabyte capture unit in Australia.

“I’d been doing some research in the U.K. for a number of years on how you could do capture without markers,” game director Brendan McNamara told the mag.

“What we wanted to do was capture the exterior of people instead of the bones. What we have here is the final end of that process, where you put an actor in the chair and as we record it’s instantly turned into 3D. We think it’s pretty significant. The great thing about that is we think that the whole uncanny valley thing is out the window, because you can see people in the game and literally lip-read what they say.”

To put the script-length into perspective, a long movie will have a script of around 200 pages.

The game looks mental. Last week’s trailer dropped jaws with what looks to be by far the most advanced lip-synching yet seen in a game. McNamara reckons LA Noire will change human characters in videogame development forever.

“Even the games I look at now that are great, there’s something about the characters that makes me think of a goldfish,” he said.

“You have a million years of evolution that tells you how to read faces, so you just have to see one thing and it throws you off. With this game, it’s a line in the sand – before and after. That’s what it feels like to me. We used to do that; now we do this. In the end, we want you to interact with this and you don’t even ask the question ‘Is this real or not?’”

Must-read. There are new shots there, too. It’s out next spring for PS3 and 360.

The game’s been in development since at least 2004

Nov 15, 2010

Games: Bulletstorm Gameplay

An actionpacked trailer from the game Bulletstorm, made by Epic Games and the developers of Painkiller, People can fly

Nov 11, 2010

Games: L.A. Noire Trailer

Rockstar Games and Australian developer Team Bondi have released the debut trailer for their upcoming detective thriller, L.A. Noire today. The trailer for the game that has been in development for far too long and was initially planned to be released as a Sony published PS3 exclusive, impressively demonstrates the title's spectacular performance capture technology.

The realistic subtlety of the full spectrum of facial expressions seen in the trailer is quite mind boggling, and something we haven't seen to this extent in games before. If the rest of the title is similarly brilliant, then Team Bondi's debut title might turn out as quite the excellent surprise.

The studio was founded by Brendan McNamara, who wrote and directed the interesting open world fiasco The Getaway. He never got to work on the sequel, but instead went off to found his own studio in Sydney, Australia. L.A. Noire is currently scheduled for a spring 2011 release, however no specific date has been made official yet.

Stuff: Harry Potter

So there are no interesting gaming related news lately but today was the new hermonie premiere ,eeer i mean harry potter premiere. So here are two brand new trailer.

Nov 10, 2010

Games: Battlefield Play4Free announced

If you're interested in it, here is the official homepage -> CLICK

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead - Private Military Company Trailer

Bohemia Interactive has released a new trailer for Private Military Company, a new official expansion of its military simulator title Arma 2. Scheduled for PC on 24th November 2010, this DLC/add-on includes a singleplayer campaign with ten missions, fully implemented 2 player co-op mode, a new map featuring abandoned wasteland style military weapons test range environment, unique new character models,, exotic new weapons (AA-12, fully modelled XM8 variants), and more.

Source: Gamershell

Nov 3, 2010

Games: COD: Black Ops - Singleplayer Gameplay

UPDATE: The recent posted Youtube Videos aren't available anymore. So I decided to post some other flicks.

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Games: Call of Duty: Black Ops - U.S. Launch Trailer

Click "ReadMore" for the trailer.

Nov 2, 2010

Games : Bond 007 Blood Stone : Exclusive Launch Trailer

YES! I know it might sound ridiculous but i want to play this piece of shit hard!
Just look at this trailer ... the action , the graphics and if you've seen a gameplay trailer, the gameplay!! Who doesn't want to be James Bond once in his lifetime

Arma 2: Invasion 1944 is done!

Yeah it's finally done but very very buggy in multiplayer. Maybe just for me because I tested it without the recent arma2 beta patch. But for everybody who can forget the bugs and concentrate on the fun it's the perfect choice.

Screenshots right after "ReadMore"

Games: F1 2010 Patch released

Finally it's released. Everyone who plays F1 2010 waited unpatiently for it because the game was more or less unplayable but now we can play it hopefully without any disturbing bugs. Also the DX11 Support made it into the Patch

Download: @

You can see the Changelog after clicking "ReadMore"