Sep 30, 2010

Dead Rising 2 : Combo Weapons

This is for everybody who wants a more or less complete list of mergeable weapons.

The following is an incomplete list of combo weapons known so far.

Sep 6, 2010

Stuff: Team Fortress 2 Comics part 2

Stuff: Team Fortress 2 Comics

BTW Duke Nukem 3D will be release after all! Hell yeah

Sep 1, 2010

Stuff: Flashgame of the day

Link: Play Epic Coaster
My Score: 1,218,554 (2 weeks ago)
Tips: Try to land directly on the start of the next ramp
        Do it from ramp to ramp to do combo and get more points

Have fun and post your scores in the comments

Mafia 2: DLC & "Lost" and found

Say hello to my little DLC ... it's called Jimmy's Vendetta!
Right after the release of Mafia 2 there is going to be new content... no, no addon, just some crap you can buy for a few bucks, everyone has left in his/her pocket.

It contains 30 brand new mission and you can see everything right through the eyes of another character!!!

I don't know the price for the PC but i know the XB360 price. It's 800 gamerpoints or 9.99$ in real money.


Besides that, some modders found out that there are already several side missions, a gta like free roam mode and an almost done multiplayer mode IN the original game. IN YOUR FACE!!

James Bond 007 Blood Stone: Extended Trailer released

I'm not a big fan of Bond Games
except the good ol' Goldeneye for N64.
But this new Trailer catched my eyes faster then a crazy, gorgeous hooker! Look for yourself.