Oct 8, 2010

Arma 2: Unsung MOD released

If you are a rightful owner of ARMA2 you can be very happy these days because the popular mod "The Unsung" has been released.
Quote :

Well it's been a long road, for our team. But we are glad to release this intro to our vietnam mod.
This is basically the foundation to our mod that we are quickly building on. It is an Aplha release, there are known issues that we are debugging but if we waited for all the issues to be dealt with Arma III will be already out.

THe island is a fictional area based on CSJ's Arma I lowlands. Everyone in the mod team worked as hard as Real Life would let them on this and previous unsung mods (OFP/ARMA I).

There are three SP missions that come with this release, we will be releasing more including various MP missions in the weeks to come, but we decided we didn't want to wait any longer. Plus I know the community will be making there own missions and we look forward to trying them out.

So from the UNSUNG MOD Team, good luck out there, you'll need it.

Download :